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Technological Innovation System

Technological innovation system

The field about Innovation Studies, to learn about nature of technological change. It can be define as Dynamic network in a specific economic.

The approach may be applied to at least three levels of analysis:

There are 3 types or steps of analysis.
Technology of Knowledge field
Product and Artifact to satisfying a function.
frameworks for understanding innovation. from 1990 the world bank and other UN institution are accepted into the concept of “System of Innovation” (B.-Å. Lundvall in 1985).
But the innovation was introducing from longtime ago called “The National System of Political Economy” (1841). Study of success of the Japanese Economy in 1988.

Main Categories in Innovation System
A) National Innovation Systems
B) Regional Innovation Systems
C) Local Innovation Systems
D) Technological Innovation Systems
E) Sectoral Innovation Systems

• startup ecosystem
• Collaborative innovation network
• Relational capital
• Entrepreneurship ecosystem